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Fine Fine Music front cover Fine Fine Music back cover
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Fine Fine Music

Cassie J. Sneider

Fine Fine Music is a collection of stories about the other side of rock and roll and coming of age in the land that time forgot. Lake Ronkonkoma is stuck in 1981, an alcoholic blackout of unnatually tan people waxing their Camaros to Foreigner on cassette and knowing the words to every Billy Joel song whether you want to or not. From an internship making Seamonkey costumes, a childhood fear of My Buddy dolls, and a heartbreaking crush on Aerosmith, funny lady Cassie J. Sneider delivers her tales of growing up in a land of fist-pumping Snookies with the antagonistic wit of a record store clerk.
144 pp. $15.
ISBN 978-0-9819534-4-1
Revised second edition
with Bunk Bed Press
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Writing From The Center Of Awareness  WFTC Back Cover
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Writing From The Center

Pat Hughes and Trena Machado

An exploration of focusing on awareness itself as the energy of writing: Is it possible to bring you forth? Can you be summoned? I'm Worn thin, translucent. I feel the ferns of your existence softy uncurl within me. I see the slow seed seeking the sun. [Pat Hughes]
64 pp. $8.00
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Beyond Midnight Cover  Beyond Midnight Back Cover
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Beyond Midnight

Janell Moon

The poems in Beyond Midnight put our everyday experiences in a new light with language that leaves us wanting more. A solid collection by a poet who keeps breaking through barriers of language and content: Think of it this way, words skid over the stillborn silence,/an arrow pierces the red morning/as the raven wakes free.
24 pp. $6.00
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Anthology - What I Want From You Anthology Back Cover
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an Anthology

Contributing Poets –
Judy Grahn, Elana Dykewomon, antyne, Lea E. Arellano, Caren Armstrong, Gwen Avery, Aisha Ayers, Dominika Bednarska, Annette M. Berkobien, Beth Bourland, Cassandra Bramucci, Robyn Brooks, Giovanna Capone, MK Chavez, Dajenya, Patricia Edith, Beth Elliott, Izabela Filipiak, Judy Freespirit, Nicole Griffin, Christina Hutchins, Susan Jones, Donna M. Lane, Harriet Leider, Beatrice Ilana Lieberman, Laura Loomis, Jeanne Lupton, Christie McCarthy, Janell Moon, Patty Overland, Diana Quartermaine, Judith Rechter, RedHorse Womon, Tesa Rigel, Jean Sirius, Jan Steckel, Janette Wolf, Jessy Wolf, Karen X, Kris Yates, Linda Zeiser

This anthology brings together a sampling of the vibrant East Bay poet’s community. From the first published to the well published, forty-two poets write on love, relationships, death, marriage, monogamy, surviving cancer, politics, coming out, crip loving, mothers, and yes, even prayers and meditations to the ancestors, the dark goddess, superwoman, witches, childhood, and to writing itself. 146 pp. $14.00
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Publisher's note: What I Want From You straightforwardly establishes an instant connection of attention and questioning. What is wanted? The what is the doorway between the poet and the reader. These poems establish that connection at the level of desire, the heart, of the level of living. I felt enlivened by the voices of these women living within their own identity, without qualifications or comparisons to external criteria. To live one’s own life from the center of oneself is the heart of liberation—no matter that liberation is a constant struggle from moment to moment. For me, having the privilege to work with these poets was to experience each poet’s light burning and to know it was not reflected light. I am heartened to know I am surrounded by such a vibrant community of free-spirited, strong women ready to follow their own internal spirits—we are, as in Judy Grahn’s powerful poem, She Who continues.
~ Trena Machado

Light's Still On Ida Cover  Light's Stil On Ida Back Cover
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The Light's Still On, Ida

Linda Zeiser

Linda Zeiser received a grant from the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce to put a book of haiku and tanka together with sayings from her Alzheimer's students. This book, The Light's Still On, Ida, has gone into its second printing. The poems are uplifting, full of gratitude and wisdom, a book to give caregivers hope—to be read and reread.
48 pp. $10.00
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