If We Had Stopped We Would Have Had Nothing

By Nita Donovan

If We Had Stopped We Would Have Had Nothing

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In a large rubber raft
we were bop bopping along
drifting, bop bopping
and I didn’t know
where we were going
when suddenly, swelling
was a two story wave
coming towards us
and I shouted, “Let’s go back”
but no one could hear
and we went under
the strength of it
and gasping we surfaced.

Once more a wave,
this one shining
like a sheet of metal,
maybe more like
an enormous silver sail
with an honor coat of arms
in its center
moved ominously close
as we paddled paddled
desperately to shore.

But the soft sand was no longer
there to lie down upon
only hot corrosive concrete
and I thought, “I can do this.”


What feeling

Now that I've forgiven them?
You know who I mean.
Well, not exactly forgiveness,
maybe just compassion,
perhaps not really that.
But even if I don't know
what I mean
I think I mean these words.



It’s a torrid evening.
They’ve had an argument
a lovers quarrel.

He’s returned remorseful,
on his knees, begs forgiveness.
She wears only a gold bracelet.
Her bare arms embrace him.

But wait, look closer.

A black shroud floats round them;
trapping them tightly.
Her long blood red hair flows
over him as she bends to his neck

Her plump golden arms grow stronger
surrounding him.
He is weak, collapsed on her lap, drained
pale with consent. No struggle.



I already had two dogs
when this really huge one
growled into my home.

I believed he was part coyote
but much bigger and his
skin hung loosely over
what seemed a boneless body.

His eyes frightened me
turning green then red.
As I tried to get him out
he bared his sharp yellow
teeth and lunged towards me
laughing at my fear.

I called the animal shelter
to come and get him.
He heard me and grew
larger, hairier.

A man arrived but the monster
could not be captured.
My sons-in-law tried to help
but he frightened them away as well.

The beast was hungry
he ate my two dogs
I was helpless to stop him
I was his captive.

His body grew larger, looser
his hair shedding as he prowled.
I hated him, he hated me.

One morning he grew
so big, he exploded
and out of this tormentor
came a blonde blubbered
blue eyed devil who said,
I won’t stay here anymore.
I would and could eat you
but you are much too liberal for my taste.


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